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Hello everyone! A very warm Welcome to Indulg3 Skin & Body!

Our passion for Beauty, Skincare & Body Wellness coupled with our love and appreciation for nature drove us to ask questions;

..What are we really putting onto our skin? Are we paying attention to what we nourish our skin & bodies with? Are we truly taking care of ourselves or are we simply slathering on beauty products that are packed with tons of chemicals and nasties on ourselves under the idea or illusion of Beauty and Wellness, only to find out much later in the long run that the ingredients found in those products were not actually beneficial for us or worse, that they could even be harmful to us.

Fuelled by our curiosity, we then dove in deep and started our own research. Our inquisitiveness and the stride to do things right led us to our path...and hence Indulg3 Skin & Body was born.

We want to do Beauty RIGHT and we believe Beauty is for everyone and that it should benefit all without any negative impact to us, our environment and of course, without any sort of harm to our fur babies as well. With this in mind coupled with our research on products and testing methods, not only did we discover so much in the power of natural ingredients, but we got to experience that first hand on ourselves!

Join us in our journey to experience beauty at its purest forms! Feel the love and joy with us and play a part in creating a difference in lives and our planet as we embark on this sustainable beauty path. We strive to provide and create products with high quality ingredients derived from nature that truly nourishes your skin and YOU!

We would love to hear from you and we aspire to have a friendly environment for all to share their knowledge of Natural Skincare, Body wellness and its benefits.

Subscribe to us, share our blog around and be a part of the Indulg3 Community now. Let us all radiate together and do Beauty RIGHT!


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